While we often have a lot of positive things to say about mothers, the Bible also has good words on the influential role of a mother.

ABS released the first installment of the State of the Bible 2024 report that revealed how much young adults say the Bible is transformative.


The centrality of the Bible in Black life cannot be overstated, Rev. Osagyefo Sekou writes.

In this week's Beautiful Wisdoms column by Keyaira Kelly, the former health editor and published poet breaks down her struggle with perfectionism and how God talks about it in the Bible.

Although Halloween is usually in good fun, some say Christians shouldn’t observe it.

The “Queen James Bible” that has recently been released purports to be based on the King James Bible version and is being touted as the “first-ever gay Bible in the world,” reports the Daily Mail. SEE ALSO: Michelle Obama Portrayed As Transgendered Woman On Magazine Cover The “Queen James Bible” is said to offer an unconvoluted and unbiased […]