Biggie Smalls

The ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards will honor the late rap legend Notorious B.I.G with a founders award during a ceremony in late June.

The congressman used the House floor to rep Biggie Smalls and Brooklyn to the fullest.

President Obama made history on Friday by becoming the first U.S. sitting president to visit the Hiroshima bomb site in Japan. The city was destroyed 71 years ago by the world’s first atomic bomb, dropped by American forces. Prior to his arrival, a large crowd gathered by the memorial site. President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister […]

Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace (pictured) was gunned down on March 9, 1997, just two months shy of his 25th birthday. With fame and all the perks that came along with his stellar rapping ability, he was destined to achieve so much more. On Wednesday, Biggie Smalls, as he also known, would have been 42 years […]

The unforgettable, yet unforgivable impact of America’s first gangsta rap group is the stuff of legend.  NWA is responsible for prophetic songs like “F*ck the Police,” which told the world about LAPD brutality before the Rodney King incident, but they are also responsible for injecting hip-hop with a dose of toxic violence from which it […]

It has been 14 years since the death of whom many call the greatest rapper of all-time, the Notoriois B.I.G. Since then, tribute albums have been released as well as movies and documentaries. But despite everything we’ve seen and heard of Biggie Smalls, there’s still a lot we don’t know. So we decided to provide […]