New lawsuit, same heinous accusations.


A new documentary about the women who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault has been released a week after he announced his plans to tour again.


Bill Cosby was sued in New York by five women who are all alleging he sexually assaulted or raped them. His rep says it's "about the money."

Bill Cosby's latest sexual assault case quietly began as a civil lawsuit claims he sexually abused 15-year-old Judy Huth in the Playboy Mansion in 1974.


Will got in 'one little fight and the academy got scared.' It should have that same energy for victims of powerful predators as well.


Bill Cosby is claiming "victory" after the U.S. Supreme Court decided against reviewing his vacated sexual assault conviction, effectively bringing an end to the case that landed him in prison for more than two years.

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Bill Cosby is speaking out after yet another accuser came forward this week and filed an "unconstitutional" lawsuit against the disgraced comedian claiming he drugged and raped her decades ago in New Jersey more than 30 years ago.

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Chuck D shared a tweet asking "How long should R. Kelly spend in prison -and does a USA system give a man a chance for a man to change his world around?" Meanwhile, embattled comedian Bill Cosby claimed Kelly "got railroaded."

Following his sex assault conviction being overturned earlier this summer, Bill Cosby is now hoping to get back to his old life with new projects, including a potential return to television if he has his way.

With his recently overturned conviction behind him, Bill Cosby's next legal battle is just weeks away. His lawyer called accuser Judy Huth's civil lawsuit "45-year-old allegations" and had some choice words for her attorney Gloria Allred.

Over the holiday Bill Cosby released an incoherent message regarding the backlash against Phylicia Rashad, while also admonishing the mainstream media over the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Phylicia Rashad issued a second apology Friday, this time directing her statement to Howard University students and alumni after tweeting an eye-brow-raising response to Bill Cosby's overturned conviction.