He’s a kid who’s figured out the power of his voice. His name is P-Nut and he’s trying to become a household name.

For the past 3 weeks, Kanye West has been releasing songs on Twitter every Friday and calling it “G.O.O.D. Friday” after his record label. This week, he released this introspective song called “Devil In A New Dress” which you can click on below. After releasing, he went on to his Twitter page and talked about […]

If you’ve followed entertainment news for the past year or so, you’re familiar with controversy that has befallen the young singer, following is brutal post-2009 Grammys beating of then girlfriend and pop-star Rihanna. And, if you’re like me, you’ve grown sick of seeing his name, especially when it has been attached to half-baked apologies and […]

From Dailybeast.com: Jean-Michel Basquiat was young when he reached the apex of his fame and then overdosed on heroin in his downtown New York City studio. But it’s easy to forget just how young: he was an international sensation by the age of 23; by 25 he was a millionaire; by 26 he had a […]

NEW YORK — Jazz pianist and composer Hank Jones, whose 70-year career included a stint as Ella Fitzgerald’s pianist and Marilyn Monroe’s accompanist when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy, has died, his manager said Monday. He was 91.

From the NY Daily News: This Brooklyn artist is going to the Met. Amoako Buachie, 18, a gifted autistic artist from Flatbush, first featured in Brooklyn News last December, will have one of his paintings displayed in the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art next month.

From EOnline.com: If you’ve already bought wedding and baby presents for Usher, you might as well return them.

From TheGrio.com: A revolution can occur in many ways. Some choose to protest with marches and picket signs. Bill T. Jones chose dance.