Creating a narrative for a young black queer children wasn’t hard for freelance writer turned author Myles Johnson. Pulling from his own life experiences, the Atlanta based writer along with illustrator Kendrick Daye helped bring to life the story of young Jeremiah Nebula — a kid getting ready for his trip to Mars — in […]

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Michael Sam (pictured right) does not lack the talent to play on a National Football League team, he tells TMZ. The reason the rush end is not an NFL player is because, well, he’s gay, he tells the site. RELATED: Roland Martin Says Don’t Compare Michael Sam to Jackie Robinson The Southeastern Conference (SEC) defensive 2013 Player […]

By theGrio BELTSVILLE, Md. — With Maryland poised to legalize gay marriage, some conservative opponents and religious leaders are counting on members of their congregations, especially in black churches, to upend the legislation at the polls this fall. SEE ALSO: Why The GOP Won’t Win The Senate The GOP Still Looks For A Savior Many […]

By Clay Cane Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta and tons of straight women in the Big Peach might disagree with The Advocate, the world’s leading mag on all things LGBT, which recently claimed that A-Town is no longer the gayest city in America. How could this be you ask? The Advocate‘s gauge for gay […]

I’ve been reading a lot of your comments and no, NewsOne hasn’t become actively “pro gay” nor have we even, as far as I know, taken a position on homosexuality. Suffice it to say, if you’re currently a homosexual, you’re likely to be either “pro-gay” or self-loathing. If you’re not, this doesn’t mean that you’re […]

In our country, the LGBT community has a track record of unleashing some of the most pivotal and historic luminaries of all-time; bringing a rather neo-cosmopolitan flair to the times and introducing agendas that have influenced foreign diplomats to grandiose artists and everywhere in-between across the globe.