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I’ve been reading a lot of your comments and no, NewsOne hasn’t become actively “pro gay” nor have we even, as far as I know, taken a position on homosexuality.

Suffice it to say, if you’re currently a homosexual, you’re likely to be either “pro-gay” or self-loathing. If you’re not, this doesn’t mean that you’re anti-gay, but like a man’s opinion on abortion, why should anybody even care what you think?

But what is gay?

I read an article on a couple of days ago that suggested that anal sex was up all across the board.

Now, while this fact may comfort some and have absolutely no effect on others, the part that I found totally shocking was that more straight men were admitting to be on the receiving end of anal sex.

And they weren’t talking about contact from a woman’s finger or tongue; they were talking about straight men that allowed other men to penetrate them anally.

NOW WAIT A MINUTE… I screamed in my head. It was already too much for me that some dudes thought that letting other men pleasure them orally still didn’t qualify them as gay.

And, of course, I’ve heard and vetoed the old jail argument that it’s the receiver and not the giver that’s gay when it comes to man-on-man anal sex.

My question became: if a guy that’s on the receiving end of anal sex can qualify himself as straight, then how can anybody be gay?

And it should be considered laughable that any aberration in a man’s behavior is likely to get him labeled “gay”.

If he walks “funny”, if he talks “funny”, if he’s never around girls, if he’s always around girls, the way he acts, the way he dresses, if he’s not “hard” (note that wicked double-entendre).

Personally, I’ve always defined “gay” more by what it isn’t than what it is. I have, in fact, a well-known saying: “anything that you do sexually with a woman is in bounds.”

And this is my enlightened perspective. I had a girlfriend once that told me that her ex-boyfriend was into curious acts with a certain type of sex toy.

At the time, I roasted the dude.

Now I just figure “hey man, whatever floats…”

Uh… I was gonna quote a certain euphemism, but in context, it might have come off as kinda… you know


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