From Candace Owens to Ben Carson to Paris Dennard, here is the very worst in this year's very forgettable Black History Month.

I was so excited about this year's installment of Black History Month because of the positive momentum that Black folks were riding into February.


It would be nice if the N-word was treated with the discretion of a curse word yet properly acknowledged as a cursed word.

Black History Month

While the evening certainly didn't produce any resolutions for the plight of Black people in America, it did produce some of the most ridiculous images of those who appear to very securely fixed in their sunken places.

Ben Carson and Sen. Tim Scott can't even say their president is racist and they are considered for a Black History Month event?

Fresh off a year that saw a number of notable firsts for African-Americans, 2019 has already been capitalizing on that momentum and seems set to be a legitimate challenger for one of the most significant set of 12 months in the annals of Black history.