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When you think of Black History, Ben Carson and Sen. Tim Scott don’t come to mind. They can’t even admit their president is a racist. Nonetheless, these are the two people the GOP has chosen to tap dance for Black History Month.

The Charleston County Republican Party was having their second annual (second? aren’t they about 20 years behind?) Black History Month event Friday. After Carson abruptly canceled, Scott happily replaced him.

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“We wanted to have somebody transcendent. This event is in its crucial second year, and we wanted to make sure it remained memorable and inspirational,” Party Chairman Larry Kobrovsky told The Post and Courier this week.

The only memorable element is that they will have a Black Senator in their presence, which will probably be predominately white, who will continue to excuse Trump’s racism.

“He sees this as an opportunity,” Kobrovksy said about Scott. “I think he feels he has something important to say and will speak from the heart. That’s who he is and who he has always been.”

In an interview published on Tuesday, Scott told the Wall Street Journal, “I’ve been in public life for 25 years almost, and I’ve been reluctant for about 22 of those 25 years. Scott is 53 year old Black man who represents the state of South Carolina — how strange for a Black, elected official to be ‘reluctant’ to talk about race for 22 years.”

Scott claimed Trayvon Martin was his wake up call. He also said, “I am not ‘the Black senator.’ I am not ‘the Black Republican.’ I am a United States senator with the responsibilities of every other senator, and in addition to that, I have the unusual position of being the only conservative African-American in the Senate.”

It’s not that unusual. Most African-Americans would not want to be in a party of racists that is 90 percent white and male. Nonetheless, if Scott truly believes he speaks out on racism then he would need to speak out on Trump.

Back in March, he said about Trump in an interview with Politico, “I am not unaware of the president’s past,’ he tells me. A long pause. ‘Do you think he’s a racist?’ I ask. Scott shakes his head. ‘I don’t. I don’t,’ he replies. ‘Is he racially insensitive? Yes. But is he a racist? No.'” He stressed the same offensiveness to the Wall Street Journal by saying, “I think he’s had some racial insensitivities. The progress we’ve made, I think, is more important than the rhetoric.”  If you considering rolling back Obama-era prison reforms, tearing apart children at the border, or a tax break that allowed General Motors to lay off 14,000 people — then that is “progress.”

Tim Scott is an embarrassment to Black History.


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