Race Matters

Izaye Eubanks terrorized his victims "because of their national origin," the DOJ said.

Questions linger about why more hasn't been done to protect undocumented immigrants.


As the Biden administration perpetuates its own version of anti-Blackness within the U.S. immigration system, any call for the protection of Ukrainian refugees is hypocritical without specifically acknowledging the experiences of Black migrants both in the U.S. and in Ukraine.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said they would investigate the Rexas border patrol agents on horseback, but they both said they saw nothing wrong when viewing the same photos and videos decent people were horrified by. 

The U.S. government had a stern warning in no uncertain terms for any Haitians considering trying to flee and seek asylum in the U.S. following the assassination of the island nation's president: Don't do it.


Black immigrants like those from Haiti are of particular concern to immigration activists worried about the Biden administration deporting them to nations either mired in conflict, poverty, both or worse.

Immigrants from majority Black countries might also be left heavily susceptible to tougher regulations if a new immigration proposal is approved.


The decision by President Donald Trump's administration to end DACA, a program protecting young undocumented immigrants from being deported, was being reviewed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The ruling affects Black immigrants one way or another.

Two so-called sanctuary cities in America that have previously gone out of their way to welcome all refugees were now not so eager at the prospects of having a growing number of African migrants arrive.

The One Story highlights the unfortunate intersection of America's broken immigration system and the country's notorious criminal justice system.

Mass incarceration is big business, especially when it comes to rounding up and detaining undocumented Black immigrants.

A young man born in Senegal but came to the U.S. at age three was facing deportation after being arrested by ICE.