Judge Natalie Chase's resignation followed a slew of complaints regarding her behavior in and outside of the courtroom.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Executive Director Patrisse Cullors was interviewed on the Black News Channel about the controversy around her organization, her career, the right-wing media and much more.

The Tuesday announcement comes two weeks after Sheskey returned from administrative leave. Inaction in Kenosha, along with the resignations in the Daunte Wright killing outside of Minneapolis, raise renewed concerns about policing and discipline. 

The activist addressed the claims of Tamir Rice's mother Samaria, after she accused Mallory and other movement leaders of financially profiting off her pain.

On Monday The Wall Street Journal published Johnson's op-ed titled, “I Will Not be Silenced by the Left,” where he held on for dear life to sentiments that rule out the harsh realities of systemic racism, especially in regards to Black communities and social justice issues. 

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson's recent racist comments about Black Lives Matter and the attempted Capitol coup reveals a more disturbing conversation and a potential preview of Johnson’s 2022 re-election strategy.

Minneapolis City Council members reached the settlement on Friday, marking the largest police settlement in the city's history.

The billboard was unveiled as part of a week of action leading up to Taylor's death anniversary on March 13. Community members will be able to interact with the billboard as it travels through Louisville throughout the weekend.

Tamika Palmer says she will not give up on gaining justice for her daughter as the 1-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor's death inches closer.

The topic of Black Lives Matter played a role in selecting the first juror in the murder trial Derek Chauvin, of a former police officer accused of killing George Floyd.

Derek Chauvin reportedly agreed to plead guilty to third-degree murder which warranted at least 10-years in prison.

On Tuesday Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr denied a former request from Fulton County DA to recuse herself from the case.