For someone whose job entails distributing accurate information, the White House press secretary has never been concerned with facts and figures, much like her predecessors.

Aidan Ellison, a 19-year-old Black man, was fatally shot in the chest on November 23 by a white man named Robert Paul Keegan, 47, after a dispute about loud music in a hotel parking lot.

A detailed report released on Thursday by the NAACP's Legal Defense fund provides facts and figures, while also calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Community members are reeling over the death of a promising young activist whose life was cut short on Monday during a shooting.


Alicia Garza says she was notified by the FBI about a possible violent plot by white supremacists targeting her.

Good News

The street outside of the high school Trayvon Martin attended will be named after him.


Jake Gardner, the white, Trump-supporting bar owner who killed Black Lives Matter protester James Scurlock in Nebraska, has been found dead from an apparent suicide in Oregon.


Actors, activists and organizers will join the Friday event.

Activist Frank Nitty posts footage of a terrifying encounter.

Raysean White rehashes his feelings about the incident.

Folks rally behind Jacob Blake and Trayford Pellerin.

Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza give their thoughts after the Democratic National Convention.