Black Maternal Health

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act added significant workplace protections.

As we are facing a preventable, sustained, and worsening Black maternal health crisis, it is important for us to examine the role of legacy.

Thousands of Black mothers remain unable to access high-quality postpartum care.

Chanel Porchia-Albert addresses health conditions impacting Black mothers.

Baby Dove has doubled its investment in the Black Birth Equity Fund to address the Black maternal health crisis.

She Matters is a digital health platform specifically designed to support Black mothers struggling with postpartum depression.

The vice president noted the intersection between states denying bodily autonomy and those restricting access to the ballot.

There are a number of Black women effortlessly juggling their dynamic sports careers while raising healthy children. 

Track and field Olympian Allyson Felix has teamed up with Pampers for an initiative designed to address the Black maternal health crisis.

Cayaba Care, a company that strives to eradicate maternal health disparities, has received $12 million in funding.

In a new video, Jessica Knight-Henry, deputy executive director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee draws a connection between abortion bans and increased restrictions on maternal health outcomes.

Beyond discussing the stark disparity in maternal mortality between Black and white women, there is an opportunity to explore alternatives in medical care and bridge the gap in care.