black motherhood

HB writer Samjah Iman details her journey to marriage and motherhood at age 39: "I've accomplished so much over the years in my life and career.  But what always amazes me is that these accomplishments, in some people's eyes, hardly ever trump being married or having kids."

Serena Williams' story about the birth of her daughter has sparked conversations among Black women on the complications and challenges of childbirth.

Serena Williams opened up about the struggles of motherhood, including her emergency c-section, in a new interview with Vogue.

Janelle Harris wrote an interesting article at, discussing stereotypes of Black Mothers in America. The title of the article was quite compelling, “Black Moms Do More Than Cook, Cuss and Beat Their Kids.” SEE ALSO: 150 Fearless Women Like everyone else, I thought back to the women who’ve influenced me in my life, namely […]