Black History Month

The work of the Black Panther Party spotlights how cartography can illuminate injustice.


Chicago cops with local officials assassinated the young leader in 1969.

Good News

An exhibition celebrating the transformational contributions of revered revolutionary activist Angela Davis is on view at the Oakland Museum of California.

Good News

The book ‘Comrade Sisters’ visually captures the unwavering resilience of women in the Black Panther Party.

“Acoli must be released because the statutory standards for granting parole have been met, without regard to extraneous factors like sympathy or passion or public opinion," read the court's decision.

Good News

The Chicago home where revolutionary activist Fred Hampton spent his childhood years has received landmark status.

Good News

A biopic about the life and legacy of Afeni Shakur is in the works.

Many of those who were once young organizers are now of advanced age, some spending substantial portions of their lives as political prisoners.  

Fred Hampton was only 21 years old when he was killed on Dec. 4, 1969, but his political, social and revolutionary legacy stands the test of time through these 10 quotes.

A group of police officers in Palo Alto, California sued the city, claiming a Black Lives Matter mural featuring an image of Assata Shakur amounts to discrimination and harassment.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Mark Clark’s sister remembers her brother and Fred Hampton were killed.

Good News

Activist and author Angela Davis will be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.