The life of activist and Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton came to a tragic end on Aug. 22, 1989. His legacy still lives on.

The mural was painted by an Oakland-based artist and approved by the Palo Alto City Hall during the 2020 racial justice uprisings.

Russell "Maroon" Shoatz, a former Black Liberation Army soldier former member of the Black Panthers who became a prominent and influential prison abolitionist while behind bars for more than two decades in solitary confinement during a nearly 50-year prison sentence, has died

A generation of Black people fighting for liberation has been confined to the system; the Movement for Black Lives seeks to break the cycle of suppressing Black dissent in the fighting for Black liberation.

A brief history of the Mulford Act and the Black Panthers.

Good News

The African American Museum & Library at Oakland received a grant to digitize rare footage of Black protests.


Sixteen female West Point cadets, who took a photo with their arms raised in Black Power fists, did not violate a directive that warns against “partisan political activity” while in uniform

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Their empowering gesture may violate a Department of Defense rule that warns against “partisan political activity” while in uniform.


Lin-Manuel Miranda, star of the hip-hop-inspired Broadway play Hamilton, brought his rhymes with him during a visit to the White House on Monday

Former Black Panther Sekou Odinga and Black Lives Matter activist Larry Fellows may come from different Black liberation movements, but both understand that to truly celebrate Black History Month, we must dig deeper.

Social media, while effective, is also where modern-day surveillance thrives. Here, Black Lives Matter activist Arielle Newton and former Black Panther Rosemari Mealy discuss the pros and cons.