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Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions he is going to do well with African-American voters in the general election. On Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Corrogan Vaughn, a Maryland GOP delegate, and James Evans, a Republican delegate from Utah, spoke with Roland Martin about why they have decided to throw their support behind Trump. Vaughn explained he is […]

While Donald Trump lavished praise on a Black supporter earlier this month, calling him “my African-American,” most Republicans of color would not call him “my White” presidential candidate. An estimated 94 percent of Black voters see the presumptive Republican presidential nominee negatively, as do 89 percent of Latinos, writes the Huffington Post, citing a Washington Post/ABC survey released Wednesday. […]

NewsOne’s PolitickerOne blog tackles some of the most important topics in politics: Election 2016, moves by the Obama administration, voting rights, lawmaking, and the way that elected officials represent our communities. Three times a week, we will go beyond the mainstream media’s “pack” coverage of politics to highlight the underreported aspects of how politics and policy […]

"We will move much further toward anarchy than anybody can imagine, and much more quickly," Ben Carson told Fox News about the recent uprisings on college campuses.

Here are 16 Black and famous Republicans you probably didn't know about.

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Black Republicans Tim Scott, Mia Love and Will Hurd won their respective races on election day. Will the GOP be able to strategically use these politicians to appeal to other African American voters and bring more minorities to their party? Once they take office, will Scott, Love and Hurd vote for or against key African American interests? […]

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Is the GOP actually doing things that would resonate with the Black community, and just don’t want to tell us about it? That may be the case with mandatory sentencing laws, which via the war on drugs, disproportionately affect African Americans. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), who has criticized the Civil Rights Act of 1964, for […]

 In his latest piece, GOP political consultant Raynard Jackson compares the cognitive dissonance of the “Black elite” in Spike Lee’s classic 1988 film, “School Daze,” to President Barack Obama’s seeming discomfort with speaking unreservedly about the plight of working-class Black Americans. Taking direct aim at those Black leaders who never challenge the POTUS, Jackson opines that these […]

As residual excitement from the second inauguration of President Barack Obama continues to flow through Black America, or rather the 95 percent who voted for him in the 2012 election, there are a growing number of Black conservatives quietly strategizing on the most effective methods to broaden a political conversation that hasn’t included the Republican […]

In theory, I should be happy that a Black man is going to the Senate. Even if it is a tiny, tiny sprinkle of color, it is undoubtedly needed in the sea of Whiteness that makes up the U.S. Senate. Enter South Carolina’s Rep. Tim Scott (pictured) who was recently appointed to replace Jim DeMint as one of […]

Last week at the GOP’s Super Tuesday primaries, the battle for the presidential nomination raged on among candidates Mitt Romney (pictured left), Newt Gingrich (middle), and Rick Santorum (right). Despite claims that the GOP has tried to include African-American voters and a promise of inclusion, Republicans have largely ignored us. Interestingly enough, exit polls show […]

MEMPHIS-Memphis talk radio host Thaddeus Matthews had African American GOP candidate for Congress, Charlotte Bergmann on his show last week. Mathews bashed Bergmann as a “token negro” and refused to shake her hand, saying that he was scared her “whiteness” would rub off on him. Matthews also claimed that Bergmann had no interest in the […]