Police believe remains found in Alabama wooded area is Aniah Blanchard.

Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle will meet in a runoff on April 2.

Shawneeq Carter was found dead by her five-year-old son after the 26-year-old mother was apparently beaten to death last week.

A black woman creates an app aimed to curb employment discrimination.

Last month, Paulette Brown became the first black woman elected to lead the American Bar Association, the nation’s foremost legal group. The ABA has near 400,000 members and, coincidentally, didn’t allow Blacks to join. The Boston Globe profiled Brown and told her amazing rise from humble beginnings. In a profession where only 7 percent of partners are people of color […]

Photo credit: Martin Barraud/Getty Images When you hear about the growing waistline of the United States, study after study, report after report, seems to place special focus on minority communities, particularly African Americans. According to the CDC: Nearly 60 percent of black women are obese Nearly 38 percent of black men 20 years and over are […]