When white writers don blackface...

White journalist Sam Forster is being dragged for disguising himself as a Black man for one summer to write a book on how racism still persists in America.

Popular beauty influencer Golloria George called out cosmetics company Youthforia's new 600 foundation for being similar to blackface paint.

Halloween is a fun time of year to dress up as our favorite characters, but time has shown there are some ensembles that should be avoided entirely to prevent cultural insensitivity.

Sherman Jaquess defended his blackface performance by saying people were only bringing it up because he has spoken out against drag shows.

A Polish TV talent show faces backlash after singer Kuba Szmajkowski impersonated Kendrick Lamar in full blackface, sported fake cornrows, and rapped the N-word. He won, too.

It's not even Halloween yet and already there's been a white bigot in blackface sighting at a Target in the Aurora area of Colorado.

Studio Kids’ Little River, a preschool in Miami, had at least three toddlers wearing blackface in order to teach a Black History Month lesson.

Students from St. Hubert Catholic High School and Franklin Towne Charter High School in Philadelphia posted a racist video in which one wore blackface. Now they're being exposed.

Race Matters

If they're still doing it knowing they'll be seen as racist, then it's clear they're just plain racist.

Race Matters

The receipts came following complaints of silence after Kanye West's antisemitic posts.

Arena di Verona is speaking out after opera singer Angel Blue dropped out of performances because the venue in Italy used blackface "recently."