Actress Scarlett Johnansson came under fire for comments she made during a recent interview with As If Magazine about being "allowed to play" any role.

Mark Char, a violent convicted attempted murderer, appeared at his sentencing donning blackface.

One high school student in California became the latest racist-in-training to spark outrage over her disgusting behavior that has made the rounds on social media.

Another day, another racist video involving white kids wearing blackface. And, in typical form, white folks were coming up with the most imaginative ways to excuse the clearly racist behavior. Hundreds of students at Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Chicago staged a walkout on Tuesday after a video surfaced on social media showing white students wearing […]

Gov. Ralph Northam canceled his appearance at a fundraiser after demonstrators showed up to protest his blackface scandal.

The governor is campaigning for Democrats In Virginia.

Gov. Ralph Northam is trying to appease Black voters instead of launching his promised blackface apology tour.

Gov. Ralph Northam signs legislation to establish an African-American advisory board.

Eastern Virginia Medical School is famous for publishing racist photos in their yearbook.

Some Virginia Black lawmakers said they want to see a serious effort at racial reconciliation from Gov. Ralph Northam.

A Black New Orleans-based group defends wearing blackface at Mardi Gras.