In a bizarre press conference, he did say he once darkened his skin to look like Michael Jackson.

From Julianne Hough to Sarah Silverman.

Gov. Ralph Northam, playing his white privilege card, ignored calls for him to step down over his blackface incident.

If he resigns, Justin Fairfax would be Virginia first Black governor since 1989.

It's no surprise that a racist was outed in Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration.

You would think Prada would have learned from H&M that any references or images of monkeys is never a good marketing plan. Moreover, channeling blackface is never a good look. Now the fashion company is in a heap of trouble over “luxury” gifts. See Also: Black District Attorney Removed From E.J. Bradford Investigation Because Of A […]

The NBC legend shuts down the foolishness.

There is a call for the police officer to be fired

A new poll shows there is sympathy for Kelly—a lot of it.

The host's racist roots don't want her.

NBC was looking to turn the page from the public relations nightmare of Megyn Kelly's defense of Blackface.