Lynne Patton babbled with her sunglasses on Fox News.


If Trump were to take credit for negotiating Rocky’s release, whether he actually did it or not, Twitter users sounded off about how awkward that thank you from the rapper would be.

Of course, it all depends on Trump for Carson.

The secretary of HUD also revealed he is leaving after Trump's first term.

Eric Trump's former party planner appeared on Fox News.

Eric Trump's former party planner showed up at Michael Cohen's testimony.

Aside from Michael Cohen providing damning allegations that directly contradict Trump, the recently disbarred lawyer documented how the president really feels about Black people.

There are plenty of good reasons to doubt Rasmussen Reports' findings that a third of African Americans approve of Donald Trump's job performance.

Trump touted his racist resentment toward Black and brown people during his first State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Rep. John Lewis will not attend the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening because of Trump's "hurtful policies" being an "insult to people" portrayed in the museum.


The NAACP slammed Trump's plan to attend The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum ribbon-cutting ceremony, referring to the president's plan as an "insult."