Guyger was more focused on herself and her phone than someone shot wrongfully shot.

The Dallas Police Association are asking to delay Amber Guyger's trial because of the Texas State Fair.

Botham Jean was killed on September 6, 2018. The case is finally going to trial this month.

Judge Tammy Kemp, who is presiding over Amber Guyger's murder trial for killing Botham Jean, suggested a fair jury can be selected in Dallas despite heavy publicity.

Amber Guyger gunned down Botham Jean in his own home.

Judge Tammy Kemp recently slammed the attorneys for leaking the 911 call.

Chris Krok of WBAP radio in Texas is spitting hateful and defamatory language about Botham Jean's mother.

Amber Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean on Sept. 6.

Disgraced former police officer Amber Guyger's murder trial was set for Aug. 12.

Ronnie Babbs recorded video moments after the shooting.