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Washington Mystics Guard Ivory Latta and Dr. Caryl Mussenden joined guest host Jeff Johnson on “NewsOne Now” to explain the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer. Despite being in excellent shape, doctors detected a golf ball sized lump in Latta’s left breast. It turned out to be benign but it had to be removed. […]

According to a new study, certain types of cancers are very much connected to your wealth (or lack of). “Socioeconomic status is not something that appears on a medical record, so it is not really part of national cancer statistics, and this has skewed our thinking about cancer risk,” said study co-author Kevin Henry, an […]

For years and years and years now, women have used two pieces of fruit to define their body shape – and, to a certain extent, their health risks. An apple shape, where body fat tends to be stored mostly around the waist, is typically considered to be an indicator of higher health risks, especially heart […]

Eat well, watch your weight, do self-exams once a month and get regular mammograms – these are the well-known basics for detecting and surviving breast cancer. But according to a new study, there’s something else that needs to be added to that list. Research was recently presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Glasgow, […]

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Roland Martin talks with Dr. Janna Andrews and singer Kelly Price about breast cancer’s impact on Black women. White women are more likely to get a diagnosis, but the disease is more likely to end in death for Black women — 41 percent more likely, according to the CDC, said Andrews. “When black women are getting […]

Angelina Jolie, 37, is easily recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her decision to share that she underwent a preventative double mastectomy will ensure that she’s also known as one of the bravest. The Hollywood actress and global humanitarian made the gutsy move after a BRCA genetic test revealed that, […]


Connie Robinson has been fighting breast cancer for the past three years. That battle alone is enough for one person to endure. SEE ALSO: Magic And The HIV-Positive Girl Who Changed Him Met 20 Years Ago This Week But, during that same period, Robinson says she has been fighting for her right to work. The […]

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Breast cancer has long been viewed as a disease that strikes women, but when it does hit men, the results can be much more fatal because many men fail to recognize symptoms, according to the Associated Press. SEE ALSO: This Is Why We’re Fat! Women with breast cancer were found to live two years longer […]


Mothers are the most-honored family members around the world for their selflessness and the love they give to their children. That’s why this year, NewsOne will provide a number of daily posts about Mothers until Mother’s Day. Enjoy! —————————– A Florida mother dying from breast cancer will get a drug that can potentially extend her […]

Black women who want to protect themselves against breast cancer may soon be able to turn to vitamin D to help them fight against the disease, researchers say. SEE ALSO: Muhammad Ali a Poor Choice for First Pitch A recent study published in Breast Cancer Research claims that there are genetic variations in vitamin D […]

CHARLESTON, S.C.–A Charleston man is fighting a battle most men never imagine that they might endure. Raymond Johnson, 26, was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago, after pain from a lump in his chest sent him to the emergency room. Though Johnson has a job laying tile, he does not make enough to […]

PHILADELPHIA — Two mothers filed a free-speech lawsuit Monday against a Pennsylvania school district that suspended their daughters for wearing the popular “I (heart) boobies!” bracelets.