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Amid Candace Owens' glee at the Supreme Court decision, never forget how her old lawyer once said she and Clarence Thomas "reaped all the benefits of affirmative action and then tried to roll over on it."

Let's examine past remarks that have earned Owens a reputation as an infuriating and polarizing commentator.

In a new low, the conservative podcast host Candace Owens said she has "no sympathy" for Jordan Neely.

Netto, is, apparently, not a fan of Candace Owens or her spouse and he did not bother being shy about it.

Candace Owens complained about "inclusivity" during a rant about a "ridiculous" women's underwear ad featuring a model in a wheelchair.

"Do you guys think we're a distraction?" Owens asked her followers in regard to women in the workplace. "Yeah, we kinda are a distraction."


This is a breakdown of contradictory remarks Kanye West has made recently. Also, Ye apparently endorsed Herschel Walker.

More evidence has been found suggesting Candace Owens is pulling a fast one on her Blexit supporters in an effort to get paid at their literal expense.

Nothing blinds you more than hate and fear, the two traits that best describe white supremacy.

J. Alexander Kueng admitted aiding and abetting the second-degree manslaughter.


Candace Owens implied that the lawsuit filed against Kanye West for his comments on George Floyd is a ploy by the media. Who's gonna tell her?