Yep, the former surgeon is her intellectual hero.

The NAACP helped Candace Owens win a lawsuit where she claimed she was racially harassed, now she says she never had "race issues" growing up.

The two went at it when Revolt TV decided to give the anti-Black pundit a platform.


After shocking updates in sexual assault allegations against Matt Lauer, Owens gives an on-brand reaction.


When Black conservatives gather.

Candace Owens brought her revisionist take on history with her when she testified before Congress on Tuesday about white nationalism and hate speech.

Candace Owens hates her Blackness so much that she attacks Colin Kaepernick and Shaun King.

More proof that Candace Owens needs a history lesson.

Why does Cornel West even go on Fox News for this foolishness?

If defending white supremacy was a club, Candace Owens would not only be a member, she'd be the president.