The princess of the sunken place says AOC has never read the Constitution.

Candace Owens' distortedly conservative opinions reared their ugly heads on Monday after the Black Republican with extreme political and social views was confronted in Philadelphia.

The reigning queen of anti-Blackness got shamed with her own words.

Candace Owens, the woman who said Hitler just wanted to "make Germany great," was scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism.

Candace Owens is begging for attention after being slammed for her Islamophobia.

Robert Owens had some tough love for his granddaughter.

Candace Owens' entire career has been built on of hate.


Conservative activist Candace Owens had her name cited by at least one of the alleged gunmen who launched deadly shooting attacks on two mosques in New Zealand.


Candace Owens had a special guest on her YouTube series, The Candace Owens Show: disgraced actress Roseanne Barr.

Black History Month

While the evening certainly didn't produce any resolutions for the plight of Black people in America, it did produce some of the most ridiculous images of those who appear to very securely fixed in their sunken places.