A grand jury indicts her on 11 counts of fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy.

Baltimore faces serious political turmoil.

Baltimore City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young has temporarily taken over the reins of city government power.

Baltimore mothers called on the mayor to prioritize solving murders instead of making marijuana arrests.

The results of Baltimore, Maryland’s primary election could be turned upside down because of several voting irregularities. Election officials have ordered election results to be decertified after the state administrator found 80 provisional ballots had never been analyzed. What makes the election results even more peculiar is the number of ballots cast was higher than the number […]

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson on Tuesday lost a bid to become the 50th mayor of Baltimore, receiving only 2 percent of the vote in his effort to win the Democratic nomination. The Baltimore Sun reports that Mckesson was among 12 contenders–including former mayor Sheila Dixon and Nick Mosby, who is married to Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn […]