Despite its name, the virus did not jump from monkeys to humans, nor are monkeys major carriers of the disease.

It may feel as though COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted across the nation, but the rise of new variants continues to climb and present great challenges for getting the pandemic under control.

Saturday marked HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day, recognizing the lives and experiences of those living with HIV.

The revelation leaves a pin in a conversation around how medical authorities will address distributing the virus to Black communities, disproportionately ravaged by the virus and rightfully cautious due to long-held racist practices in medicine.


While speaking in the White House Rose Garden to declare a national emergency for the U.S., Trump was offered an elbow bump from LHC Group executive Bruce Greenstein when reaching for a handshake.

The medical examiner claims he committed suicide.

Atlanta police said the investigation is now closed.

The scientist graduated from the prestigious school in 2004.

The CDC scientist's body was found yesterday.

Timothy Cunningham vanished on February 12.

Cunningham has been missing since February 12.

The case of missing government scientist Timothy Cunningham has given way to a number of conspiracy theories for what happened to him.