With inflation raging, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is being blamed for the child poverty rate more than doubling after he blocked the child tax credit from being renewed.


"Our nation has a system that is grossly unfair and disproportionately problematic for Black children and families of low income," writes Danielle Atkinson.


While the economy is gradually rebounding, a new poll found that some Black people are still struggling. According to the November Temperature Check Poll from Black to the Future Action Fund, 42 percent of Black adults described their financial situation as "bad." And one-third of respondents reported their financial situations have worsened. 

White House Senior Advisor for Public Engagement Trey Baker highlighted several areas of the president's agenda directly impacting Black communities, as the president makes a big push for his expansive infrastructure plan.


Thanks to the new, expanded child tax credit, millions of American families woke up Thursday morning to find up to $300 for each of their young children directly deposited into their bank accounts.