Don't come for Symone unless she sends for you.

Plus, Zyahna Bryant reminds us how people of color are disproportionately affected by gun violence.

He isn't capable of having a calm conversation.

A racial discrimination lawsuit filed against CNN and TBS alleges that Black employees received less pay and other claims, according to a new report.

Don Lemon, whose Black Card has been revoked for whitesplaining racism, excoriated Trump for his racist comments about Africa and Haiti.

CNN’s Angela Rye never holds back when someone tries to insult her on camera. Former Senator Rick Santorum learned this the hard way. While discussing Trump, who reportedly doesn’t start his work day until 11 a.m. (what a life!), Rye said, “I find it hard to understand that someone who is a working professional would […]

Paris Dennard has had a hard time on television in 2017. Everyone from Keith Boykin to Cornel West to A. Scott Bolden have dragged him all over CNN. Mr. Dennard might need a vacation, especially considering the reaction he had when Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philly, mentioned his blood pressure. Earlier today, Dennard appeared […]

Paris Dennard is ride-or-die for Donald Trump. Whether it’s defending Trump when he is sympathizing with neo-Nazis or co-signing bizarre Twitter rants, the conservative commentator believes Trump can do no wrong. Over the weekend, Trump embarrassed himself again and Paris had explanations. Trump appeared for a photo opp at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights […]