Race Matters

Michigan's 10th congressional district is at stake.

Race Matters

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith opened up about how having a biracial daughter with her white husband changed her feelings toward colorism. Back in 2019, she said she "hated the dark skin that made people call me ugly" as a teenager.

Waymond "Chef Way" Wesley, a TikTok chef and Texas prosecutor, resigned after backlash from his old tweets disparaging Black women.


Her reflection on her success is all that matters.

The late great Martin Luther King Jr. had an opinion on use of the N-Word, which was recently revealed in a letter up at auction for $95,000.

Meet Miriam Zinter: The Black woman who could pass for white with her fair skin, blonde, wavy hair and blue eyes. Zinter is usually faced with uncomfortable comments from white people who don't realize she's actually Black.

Being Black, particularly dark skinned, in Hollywood is a battle that many actors/actresses are still trying to figure out how to conquer.

Miranda posted a lengthy response to Twitter on Monday where he attempted to weigh in on the controversy after the movie was called out over its lack of dark-skinned, Afro-Latino actors.

"brown-ish"? The new report that there could yet be another "ish"-inspired spinoff of Kenya Barris' media empire that began with "Black-ish" was met in part with virtual groans on social media.

Black Twitter was ready to throw hands after Meghan Markle revealed that a member of the royal family inquired about the complexion of her and Prince Harry's prospective children.

A Black man accused of attacking women on the subway in New York City was indicted for hate crimes because prosecutors say he specifically targeted "light-skinned women" with violence.


The educator of 20 years says he's been doing the 'icebreaker' for years.