A community project awaits the go-ahead to repurpose the Lee statue.

Many Southern students find themselves in an awkward situation following the revelation that Georgia has 45 public schools named after Confederate leaders, the most for any US. state.

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a series of racist comments in uncovered videos.

Clips and photos of monuments being destroyed.

Sons of Confederate Veterans make a post about it on social media.

Spencer warned former Democratic Rep. LaDawn Jones that trying to remove confederate symbols could make her “go missing.”

A new law that bans cities and counties from removing Confederate monuments was enacted in Alabama by Gov. Kay Ivey.

Vanderbilt University will spend $1.2 million to remove the word "Confederate" from a dorm building. The school's chancellor said the word doesn't reflect inclusiveness.

The monument, which has stood in its place since 1895, won't be put away forever -- the statue will be moved to another location, University President James Ramsey confirmed in an announcement with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Friday.

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