A team of Black tech leaders is developing technology that will help patients of color obtain accurate readings from pulse oximeters.

Both vaccinated, the couple were hospitalized for breakthrough COVID-19 as the delta variant rages on.

New Orleans requires proof of vaccination or negative PCR test within 72-hrs for anyone 12 and older attending certain facilities and events considered having a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19.

Several Tuskegee Study descendants joined an ad campaign to correct misinformation about the study and encourage Black people to be vaccinated as the Delta variant is on the rise.

Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith says people shouldn't gamble with Covid-19 or their lives, reminding communities that vaccination remains the best protection as the pandemic continues.

The North Delta Area Agency on Aging and the Rev. S.L.A Jones Activity Center partnered with the state to bring the mobile vaccine program to the community.

Black Floridian lawmakers served as the voice of the community in a new report by "60 Minutes," detailing vaccine equity concerns in Florida.


Here are five ways COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Black Americans and how where we were in March 2020 compares to where we are now.


Research psychologists who study the social influences of health and mental health among marginalized groups and help design interventions for COVID-affected communities have offered a four-pronged approach in mounting an effective response.

Honestie was not only a victim of COVID-19, but suffered under the weight of state-sanctioned violence in 2017.