Teachers and other school staff in Oregon must be vaccinated by Oct. 18. But a special education staffer at an elementary school decided protesting in blackface was the way to protest the change.

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Chris Rock's tweet that he tested positive for COVID-19 prompted some anti-vaxxers who clearly don't understand how vaccines work or follow what medical experts have been saying to ask him why he's still recommending the vaccine even he got infected.


Reeves is a part of a clique of Republican governors who deflect and double down on lousy talking points as people continue to die from the pandemic.


A new report found that the leading cause of death for police nationwide is COVID-19. Still, police unions across America are refusing to comply with vaccine mandates.

Our prayers are currently with media maven Wendy Williams as she simultaneously battles COVID-19 while also getting her mental health in order after being admitted into a NYC hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.


A viral video making the rounds on social media is bringing attention to what's being described as a growing trend of people who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates by exercising vague religious exemptions as a way to skirt the rules.

Right-wing extremists like Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens embracing rapper Nicki Minaj and her COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories are the conservative plot twist that no one saw coming this year.


In a clear and pattern, Bob Enyart became the fifth anti-vax right-wing radio host to die of COVID-19 in the past six weeks, each linked by the fateful common truth that they all refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rapper Nicki Minaj said she tested positive for COVID-19, advised her millions of Twitter followers to not be "bullied" into getting vaccinated and shared a horrific story/conspiracy theory about a family friend becoming "impotent" with "swollen testicles" as a result.


C Cedric Ceballos is COVID-19 free but continues to have issues breathing and functioning on his own. The former NBA player reported continued symptoms despite his negative status in a Twitter post-Monday.  


We have proof Trump lied to Americans about the true threat of COVID-19, but don't forget when he also lied about his non-existent heroism surrounding the Sept. 11 terror attacks.


Jail inmates in Arkansas were forced to take the unproven COVID-19 drug Ivermectin despite (because?) a decade-old study showing that it causes sterilization in 85% of men who take it.