Questions linger about why more hasn't been done to protect undocumented immigrants.


The decision by President Donald Trump's administration to end DACA, a program protecting young undocumented immigrants from being deported, was being reviewed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The ruling affects Black immigrants one way or another.

The Trump administration has 90 days to respond.


Nearly 50,000 Haitians are at risk of losing their U.S. visas if President Donald Trump rescinds the Temporary Protected Status program.

DACA recipients have options and networks to help them avoid deportation and to cope with their fears.

Black civil rights leaders are urging Congress to act immediately in passing the bipartisan DREAM Act in the wake of President Trump’s decision to rescind the DACA program.

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The NAACP contends that the Trump administration unlawfully defaulted on America’s commitment to protect young, undocumented immigrants of color living in the United States.

Pro-immigration protesters interrupt Pelosi's press conference with demands for comprehensive immigration reform.


Protests turned violent at Georgia Tech after police fatally shot LGBTQ+ student Scout Schultz on Saturday night following Schultz having called 911 and reported “an armed and possibly intoxicated suspicious person.”


Former president Barack Obama denounced the Trump administration’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on Tuesday.


As President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, NewsOne takes a look at some of his most impressive wins.