In the Blackest setting yet for Democratic debates, the all-white lineup of presidential candidates showed their truest of colors when discussing the Charleston church massacre during the debate in South Carolina.

Mike Bloomberg's racist legacy of stop and frisk galvanized Democrats against the former New York City mayor's debate debut in Las Vegas just days ahead of the Nevada Caucuses.

A mostly civil discussion during a debate between candidates devoid of any diversity largely steered clear of any mention of the topic of race, whether intentional or not.

Joe Biden said that Kamala Harris is “qualified to be president" and that he would "consider her for anything that she would be interested in,” like being his vice-presidential running mate if he wins the Democratic nomination.

Deval Patrick blasted the process that has left the field of Democratic presidential candidates on the verge of having no racial diversity at all.


The sixth Democratic debate took place in Los Angeles one day after House Democrats impeached President Donald Trump.

The sixth Democratic debate will be the first of this season without a single African American candidate on the stage, leaving uncertainty about who, if anyone, will speak up for Black lives.

Polling shows that Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, the only two viable Black candidates running for president, have very low support among Black voters. Why?


The week spent in Atlanta only served to crystallize where each candidate falls within the party and how those placements reflect attitudes about Black voters, especially among the frontrunners.


Social media had a field day.

With such a heavy emphasis on Black voters, the silence from Julián Castro’s absence on the stage could be deafening when it comes time for candidates to debate issues important to African Americans.