Rapper Sexyy Red praised Trump and said he has "love" in the "'hood" in part because of “free money” from stimulus checks and commuted prison sentences and pardons for rappers.

Donald Trump has long called Black prosecutors like Letitia James racist without providing a sliver of evidence to support his claims -- just like white supremacy has always operated.

He visited the gun company that armed the racist Jacksonville mass shooter. Coincidence?


The latest in an ongoing series of setbacks for Rudy Giuliani came as Hunter Biden sued him.

Trump reportedly buying a gun while under felony indictment would mean his re-arrest.

Donald Trump falsely claimed that his mugshot has caused his support among Black voters to go up "four or five times."

Maxine Waters reassured her followers after a judge delayed the start of Trump's RICO trial.

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk said the only reason Donald Trump was elected is because Republicans "want a white Obama."

Donald Trump's border wall reportedly caused damage to Native American tribal sites surrounding the area of his border wall, a study found.

With a career marked by integrity, courage and a relentless pursuit of justice, Fani Willis deserves her flowers now for being a beacon of bravery amid her bold indictment of Donald Trump.

Harrison Floyd, the leader of Black Voices for Trump, previously couldn't afford a lawyer.