At a CNN town hall event Wednesday night, Donald Trump used a racist dog whistle to refer to Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, the Black cop who shot Ashli Babbitt, as a "thug."

Georgia DA Fani Willis advised Georgia law enforcement to "prepare" for "violence" ahead of the decision on whether to charge Trump over "the big lie," suggesting he will be indicted.

Dominion Voting Systems has officially settled its lawsuit against white nationalist propaganda porn network Fox News

So, Trump calls Alvin Bragg racist, and now racists are coming out of water Klan-holes to threaten to lynch a Black officer of the court.

Steven A. Smith declared that Donald Trump isn't racist, but he says he still wouldn't vote for him and doesn't talk to him anymore.


Donald Trump was charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records before the 2016 presidential election. Here are each of them...

Van Jones said he cares about how "sad" Donald Trump looked while he was being processed through the "prison system" and remarked: "That is a granddad having a very bad day."

Hundreds of protesters on both sides flocked to Trump's arraignment to be a part of the historic and unprecedented moment.

Trump was finally arrested and formally charged on more than two dozen felony counts.

In a twist, conservatives are suggesting the U.S. "limit funding" - aka defund - the FBI and DOJ because of Donald Trump's criminal indictment in New York City. So much for the "party of law and order"...


Everyone should be subject to the rule of law.

Rev. Al Sharpton also said that it was 'ironic' Donald Trump would be indicted in the same building as the Central 5. The former president took out ads calling for the execution of the young men after they were accused of raping a white jogger in 1989.