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Roy Moore was the sore loser of 2017. The accused pedophile lost the Alabama Senate race to Doug Jones and blamed everyone from Muslims to any form of brown people. Now, nearly three months after the election, Moore is in dire straits.

According, Moore wrote on Facebook, “My resources have been depleted and I have struggled to make ends meet, but I have not lost my faith in our God, who is our true source of strength and will never leave or forsake us.” He also wrote, “Gays, lesbians, and transgenders have joined forces with those who believe in abortion, sodomy, and destruction of all that we hold dear. Unless we stand together we will lose our country.” How can people stand together? Give him some money, according to Roy Moore.

Due to the lawsuit filed against him from Leigh Corfman, one of the women who alleged he had sexual contact with her when she was a teenager, he is asking for $250,000 for a legal fund. Moore has only raised $32,235.

He  needs the money to fight “over $50 million dollars from Washington insiders who did not want me to bring the truth about God and our Constitution to Washington D. C.” Roy must be delusional. He was supported by Republicans and President Trump. Who are the Washington insiders trying to fight him? He lost because of the Black woman vote.

You lost, bruh. Get over it.



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