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Ben Carson‘s demonic ways as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development has continued. However, thankfully he just got called out by Alabama Senator Doug Jones — the one who won his Senate against an accused pedophile because Black women showed up at the polls.

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Carson is planning to roll back an Obama-era rue that helped people to sue against unfair practices in housing. Being that discrimination in Carson’s sunken place mind, he had to be reminded by Jones as he was questioned before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Jones said, “We can all agree that housing discrimination still exists in this country. Black home ownership rates are down to just 40 percent. That is not just because of discrimination, I get that. We’re still pulling out of a recession. But the fact is, they’re down to 40 percent and Black homeownership is actually lower now than it was in 1968 when the Fair Housing Act was passed.”

He continued with facts, “I would also like to point out that you have the ability to bring Secretary-initiated complaints. President Obama did it an average of 10 times a year. President Bush did it an average of five times a year. But in the two and half years of the Trump Administration, we have zero that you have initiated. So a cynic would say that this new rule is in part to justify the inaction of HUD in bringing these complaints, when we know that they exist.”

He then went in with questions, “My question is simply: explain this to me. Explain why we need this rule [and] why it is important. Why do we need this when we know [housing discrimination] exists? Give me an opportunity, give us an opportunity, explain, why you are going to make it nearly impossible for people to bring disparate impact statements.”

Carson crooked on Trump-ian lies and said “As far as disparate impact is concerned, we are trying to bring it into alignment with the Supreme Court ruling…”

 Sen. Jones was not here for it, “Oh come on, Mr. Secretary. I’m a lawyer. That dog’s just not going to hunt. It’s just not. The Supreme Court barely rolled back this. I’ve been practicing law for 40 years. What you’re doing is making it just damn near impossible for a plaintiff to bring a disparate impact statement. It is not in line with the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has affirmed this time and time again.”

Carson babbled that the country shouldn’t have a $15 minimum wage.

Jones closed with, “This is absolutely wrong, Mr. Secretary. This discrimination still exists in this country. We need to be affirmatively doing something about it and not making it more difficult.”

Watch below:

In case you missed it, reports, “The proposed regulation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development would replace an Obama-era rule on disparate impact, a legal theory that has guided fair housing law for more than 50 years. Disparate impact refers to practices or policies that have an adverse impact on minorities without discriminating against them in explicit terms. The Supreme Court has recognized this form of bias as prohibited under the Fair Housing Act. But the new rule from HUD would substantially raise the burden of proof for parties claiming discrimination.”



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