The lack of funding in the industry has a harmful impact on children, families and providers alike.


Lacking early childhood education isn’t a personal problem but a societal challenge.

HHS announces improvements to its Head Start program. The revisions are touted as the most significant in the program's five-decade history.

Bill Clinton put a spotlight on a little-known early childhood program. HIPPY helps parents, especially those with limited education, prepare their young child for school.

St. Louis school officials announced a ban against automatic out-of-school suspensions of students in preschool through second grade. This move follows a report that said Missouri leads the nation in suspending Black elementary school students.

A new study explores why children of color fall into the science achievement gap. Researchers find that the problems begin as early as kindergarten.

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Giving your child a leg up on schooling that uses Common Core State Standards is as simple as this act: Reading a bed-time story. So says infant and toddler education specialist Daseta Gray, who recently sat down with the National Urban League and NewsOne  and explained the best way to prepare our children for a Common Core education. Hers was part of […]