"Gemmel & Tim" explores political donor Ed Buck's role in trading drugs for sex with Gemmel Moore, Timothy Dean and other gay Black men.

Ed Buck, a wealthy political donor in California has been found guilty on all counts in a case that accused him of trading drugs for sex -- efforts that left at least two Black men dead in his home within 18 months of each other in recent years.

The criminal trial has begun against Ed Buck, a wealthy and white Democratic donor who had two Black men die from drug overdoses within 18 months at his California home. Buck allegedly supplied drugs in exchange for sex.

A man identified as the husband of Jackie Lacey, the district attorney of Los Angeles, was shown on a video pulling a gun on Black Lives Matter activists who were protesting outside their home.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign has denied reports that Democratic donor, Ed Buck, endorsed Warren for president.


The man accused of lethally drugging Black men in his apartment builds his legal defense.


Two Black men died in Ed Buck's home within 18 months.

Two Black men died in his home within 18 months.

LaTisha Nixon said District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who is a Black woman, "Treated us like criminals."

The 64-year-old is a wealthy Democratic donor.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who is Black, is a co-defendant in the lawsuit against Ed Buck.