Race Matters

17 of those years were on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. 

If you own a Kobe Bryant basketball card and want to know if it’s worth any money, you are in the right place. 

Ye’s top-secret Christian school Donda Academy is once again under fire after a third lawsuit from a former teacher surfaced this week.

Race Matters

The latest instance of a "Karen" going wild on video came in the form of a white woman trying to criminalize a Black male while trying to steal a Citi Bike he had already paid for. The irony,

Sasha Obama earned a degree in sociology from USC.


The former professional basketball player-turned-NBA executive recently died at 56.

For a while there, anti-vaxxers with a platform who protested against or tried to discredit the COVID-19 vaccine were dying from the virus.

More evidence has been found suggesting Candace Owens is pulling a fast one on her Blexit supporters in an effort to get paid at their literal expense.

Unfortunately, some of those COVID-19 conspiracists happen to be stars we love and admire. Here's a list of NBA athletes who have shared their controversial opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

In Sarasota, Florida, members of the African American Cultural Coalition are working to preserve an important story from Black American history that has rarely been told.

In 1877 the Black town of Nicodemus was born. Reverend W. H. Smith and other freed slaves recruited more than 300 ex-slaves to Nicodemus to start a new life.

In the 1800s a Black man from Alabama named John Benson escaped the thumb of slavery, traveled across state lines to save his sister, then became a wealthy man who founded a Black community on the same land where he was once a slave.