The D.C.-based "Framing Fatherhood" is a visual ode to Black fathers.

A group of Black dads from Mississippi cheered on students outside of Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary on the first day of school.

A Facebook group is looking to change negative perceptions surrounding Black fathers.

Ali has been in and out of the hospital a few times recently, once for pneumonia and another time for a urinary tract infection after he was discovered unresponsive in bed.

Since the tragic death of his wife, Carlos Morales and his quadruplets have captured the hearts of America. In a recent interview with People, Morales dished on life as a single father and shared fond memories of his late wife, Erica. Carlos says Erica was the love of his life. After hearing they were expecting not one, but […]

For an Arizona father, what he first described as the “best day” of his life quickly took a turn for the worse when his wife died of blood loss during childbirth on Jan. 16. Now, 29-year-old Carlos Morales is journeying into fatherhood without the love of his life and gearing up to care for his quadruplet […]

Several years ago, I saw Iyanla Vanzant come to speak to an audience in Brooklyn and she mesmerized the mostly African-American female crowd. She spoke of how women could heal themselves by owning their situations and problems and recognizing their responsibilities to break the negative chains to the various ills in their lives. At the […]

  Haven’t heard much talk about Father’s Day this year. Debates about what Dad would like, what size he might wear, what he could use — these topics haven’t exactly been crossing the social media universe or Black Zeitgeist too much lately. It’s this coming Sunday, and there has been a lack of conversation about […]

The dehumanization of African American children has long been an issue in our country. The similarities between stories like Emmett Till’s and Trayvon Martin’s illustrate that racism in America is still alive and well. How can we uplift young African American children when the world is constantly trying to knock them down? This was a topic discussed […]

[ooyala code=”54MmQzNTqKpDHV-32oaze-sU8ajNMhvL”] Atlanta Hawks center Etan Thomas published his first book, Fatherhood:Rising To The Ultimate Challenge, not only because he wanted to crusade for active fatherhood, but to encourage those who didn’t grow up with fathers as well. “The reality of it is 60 percent of the kids are growing up in single parent households,” Thomas says. […]

LOS ANGELES-Actor Lou Gosset Jr., sho won an Oscar for “An Officer And A Gentleman” participated in an event on Los Angeles that honored people and organizations in the area that encourage families and fatherhood. The “Fatherhood Roundtable” was sponsored by the President’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative which holds several events based on encouraging fathers […]

Despite negative stereotypes about NBA players and fatherhood, there are many NBA athletes who are involved in the lives of their children. The people at sportsgrid have made a compilation of over 50 photos of NBA players with their children, including Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Derron Williams and several others. Wade who has […]