Justin Stetson had the privilege of being given a jail alternative.

It has been ruled that Buffalo, New York, Officers Robert McCabe, and Aaron Torgalski were justified in pushing 75-year-old Martin Gugino to the ground because he refused to comply and acted erratically.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Cronk's statement suggests officer morale should come before accountability.  

The general public’s opinions about protests and the social movements behind them are formed in large part by what they read or see in the media. This gives journalists a lot of power when it comes to driving the narrative of a demonstration.

The violent uprising in Minneapolis over George Floyd's death wasn't the only protest in America as demonstrators against police violence flocked to city streets across the country.

The ongoing protests against police violence inspired by George Floyd's death have fans of Prince wondering how the singer would react to the uprising in his hometown.


Trump's tweet threatening to have the U.S. military shoot "thugs" protesting George Floyd's killing is beyond a dog whistle. It's a call for genocide.