The unemployment rate for Black people in America has been quietly creeping back up to its sky-high levels from last year.


The partial government shutdown was finally set to end after more than a month of the president holding federal workers hostage so that he could secure funding for a wall along the U.S. southern border.

45 can do no wrong in the eyes of Carson.

More people may suffer due to Trump.

Twitter drags a congressman who for forgetting about slavery.


Texas Rep. Will Hurd poked a hole in the president’s shaky assertion that there was an immigration crisis.

While Americans are suffering, Melania Trump won't even be slightly inconvenienced.

Why are tax payers paying for the former doctor's religious ceremonies?

Ben Carson's HUD dropped the ball in the government shutdown--threatening the wellbeing of low-income families.


The storm cloud of negative attention that seems to hover over the president just got a lot grayer for Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence sat there in agonizingly noticeable silence. His apparent "Weekend at Bernie's" act stood in stark contrast to an animated, and adamant, Trump.