Should the government shutdown strike at the stroke of midnight, a new poll shows that Americans know exactly which side of the political aisle bears the greater share of the blame. In a new CNN poll, 69 percent of Americans — including 52 percent of self-identified Tea Party supporters — believe that Congressional Republicans are […]

WASHINGTON — The House has passed a $1 trillion-plus catchall budget bill paying for day-to-day budgets of 10 Cabinet departments and averting a government shutdown. SEE ALSO: Top #worstbookever Tweets That Hate On Classic Books

WASHINGTON – Republicans portray Planned Parenthood as primarily focused on performing abortions and — intentionally or not — using American taxpayer dollars to do it. RELATED: 25 women to know Not so, say Democrats who counter that the group’s 800-plus health centers nationwide provide an array of services, from screenings for cancer to testing for […]

WASHINGTON — Short of a deal, congressional leaders bargained and squabbled by turns Thursday on legislation to cut spending and prevent a partial government shutdown that loomed for Friday at midnight. After all-night talks among aides, President Barack Obama summoned Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. to the White House […]

WASHINGTON D.C – Officials with the Social Security Administration will hold talks in the coming week to discuss what to do in case of a potential “government shutdown” on March 4.

Washington — President Barack Obama insisted yesterday that ‘there is no need for a government shutdown’ over budget issues, but then issued a veto threat of a Republican spending bill which can then result in the first government freeze since Bill Clinton in 1995 if both sides don’t come to a resolution. The veto of […]