Good News

Grant Hill has joined a campaign to spread awareness about the racial health disparities surrounding prostate cancer.

The “So Into You” singer and retired basketball player got hitched way back in 1999! Check out some of the couple’s cutest snaps.

I admit that I froze up when I heard about Grant Hill becoming offended about Jalen Rose referring to he and other black Duke University players as “Uncle Toms.” During the recent ESPN documentary about the Fab Five, Rose was especially candid in describing his disdain for Duke University.  Using colorful and entertaining language, Rose […]

Grant Hill of The Phoenix Suns and Reggie Evans of the Toronto Raptors were both ejected from a pre-season game from engaging in a spirited game of ass slapping. RELATED STORIES VIDEO: Dunking Female Basketball Player Punches Player VIDEO: All-White Basketball League Owner Defends Plan