A cop killed Ashtian Barnes during a traffic stop over $6.45 in unpaid tolls on a rental car.


Roekeicha Brisby is accused of illegally erasing more than $3.3 million in credit debt.

"Scammers" are targeting the historic Black neighborhood of Sunnyside in Harris County.

Two Black women accused of a racist attack against the Asian owner of a beauty shop in Houston claim they were the ones who were actually targeted and forced to defend themselves.

Shannon Miles, the man authorities say shot and killed a Harris County, Texas deputy sheriff last week, faced prosecutors on Monday.

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Charnesia Corley was pulled over for running a stop sign and was subjected to a forcible cavity search after cops claim they smelled weed.

Police say a Texas man forced entry into his ex’s Houston home and shot and killed her, her husband, and the couple’s six children — including one boy who was his own son. David Ray Conley‘s former girlfriend, 40-year-old Valerie Jackson, was handcuffed to the bed along with her husband Dwayne Jackson, 50, before Conley took […]