Private First Class Emmanuel Mensah was hailed a hero for sacrificing his life to rescue his neighbors in a Bronx fire.

The North Carolina teen is being called a hero for his bravery and quick thinking.

There are plenty of heroes who walk among us--even if technically they're on the red carpet. Check out some stories about Hollywood's unlikely heroes below.


It’s Hump Day and you need a smile. So take a look at the photo above. At first glance it may look like the toddler is upset because…toddlers. But according to his parents, he’s just a bit overwhelmed from meeting his heroes — the local garbage men. We told you you would smile. Here’s how […]

Bernard Vickers (pictured) has certainly given new meaning to the word hero. Vickers, who is employed as a barista at a Starbucks in midtown Manhattan, was at work around 6:30 a.m. Monday morning when he heard an explosion.  An unidentified New York City cabbie and a passenger had been driving along when a manhole exploded […]

A Detroit man is being hailed as a hero after he gave his own life in a robbery so that his wife could be spared. SEE ALSO: Man Stabbed At Airport, Gets On Flight Anyway Tommie Caldwell, 63, was fatally shot when robbers entered the northwest Detroit home he shared with his wife. Caldwell was […]